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Going by English rules, English Pub Pool isn’t much different from the pool games in the Pub Pool line, such as American Pub Pool. Though interestingly rather than numbered balls, English Pub Pool uses red balls for one player and yellow for the other with a black ball for the nine ball.

The game really shines in its sense of atmosphere. The piano playing ragtime in the background, the soft lighting on the table, the crowd reacting to every shot. It really puts you in the mind frame of being at some charming pub in London.

The physics are more realistic than in many other pool games. The balls really snap like real wooden balls and the sound effects really sell it as you hear them clicking and clacking around the table and bouncing off of the walls.

In short, it really is as close as you’re going to get to playing in a pool tournament in foggy old London without actually hopping on a plane with your pool cue in hand.

To take a shot, just line it up with your mouse, hold it down and pull back to select a power level and let go. This easy point-and-click method of shooting makes the game very accessible whether you’ve played these games before or never touch browser games.

Competing on the leaderboard is a lot of fun, too, as you can see where you rank worldwide.

You can’t always head out to your favorite pub, bar or pool hall, so English Pub Pool makes it so that you can sit down and play a little nine ball whenever you get the hankering. It’s very easy to just pick up and play, but just about impossible to put down. Try it for yourself and see if it doesn’t hook you.

English Pub Pool Game Controls

  • “K” key – view the game controls.
  • Arrow/WASD keys – adjust the spin of the cue ball.
  • “M” key – move the cue ball.
  • “Q” key – quit the game.
  • “Z” key – “zip” your shot.
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